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Marathon Hype!!

FierceFrankie a posted Jun 3, 14
Don't forget that The Fast Force Charity Marathon is June 6th - 9th, which is THIS weekend! All proceeds made during the marathon will be going straight to Doctors Without Borders.

The marathon stream will be and you can find the schedule at also if you or anyone you know is interested in joining The Fast Force's twitch team, let me know! 

You can find out more about the team and how to join here:

Okay, so we went through and made the initial cuts and we have narrowed the list down, these are the games that we have said yes or maybe to for the marathon and we have contacted all the people on there. The list is here:

If your game is one of the ones that was selected, plus put your availability and other contact info here on the tab that says availability: and we are going to be making the schedule and posting it soon.

This marathon will be held June 6th through the 8th. The marathon will be streamed to and we will be taking donations to donate during SGDQ to Doctors Without Borders. We hope to see you all there for the marathon!

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We will be using this news section to display races that we do in The Fast Force. We will also have a section where streamers can choose to have their stream displayed as well if they would like. If you want to have your stream added to the Fast Force Streams page, contact me here on the site, on skype, steam, reddit or teamspeak.

Sign up for races/blind races here: & Put your stream/details here:

If you would like to be added to The Fast Force streams page, please give me your twitch link and I will add it. The streams will be displayed here:

My contact information:
Skype: omgfierce
Reddit: FierceFrankie
For anyone who is interested, you can learn how to stream using XSplit well as learn how to register for the Speed Running community SRL (Speed Runs Live) by reading the channel description for the Races/Speed Runs channel in teamspeak. Speed running is playing a game and trying to complete the game or a certain goal as quickly as possible. You may have heard of the Speed Running event called Summer Games Done Quick

Also, we have recently added a
Music Bot to the teamspeak server! You can learn how to control the teamspeak bot to play online radio stations as well as songs from youtube videos! You can find this out by checking out the Music channel description in teamspeak.

Our teamspeak info:

Address -
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